How do I choose a good sign installer?


At Harper Design we recognize this area to be one that can cause concern. As a result in the near future we will be assembling a list of Harper authorised installers for your use in installing Harper brand electric and other signs. In the mean time the following should be considered minimums for a qualified installer. Do not be afraid to ask these questions:

  1. "Are you licensed and insured?"
    Almost all states require sign installers to be licensed and insured. Those few states that do not, Georgia for example, are quickly coming on board.
  2. "How long have you been in business?"
    Experience counts as shown in the next question . . .
  3. "Who have you done work for?"
    Ask for references. This is not a small matter if an installer is dishonest he may try to under bid a project and stick you with a bill at the end for as many hours as he can. So it is best to ask a couple of people who have worked with the installer how he was to work with and if the bill was as expected. Those few minutes could save you hundreds or ven thousands of dollars.

Other than the top three questions listed above take a moment to call the planning and zoning department of your local city or town. Ask the inspector or permitting agent how a particular sign installer is to work with. Sign ordinances are the law. Those laws are there for the protection of the public and the appropriate growth of a city. If an installer is surly or has to be forced by an inspector to follow these guidelines it indicates that the installer does not know how or is unwilling to cooperate with the law. This tendency is what will make an installer take short cuts and perform poorly when no one is looking.

If you plan to purchase a Harper sign Harper can help you select an installer from your area that is effective and experienced for your peace of mind, simply email here, att Installation Desk.

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