10 Direct Mail Starters


Get Creative- 10 Direct Mail Starters 1. Carefully Target Your Audience. Sales volume can be directly connected to your ability to accurately identify your most likely customers. If necessary, create different versions of your package tailored to each specifically targeted audience. 2. Help Your Customers Achieve Significant Goals. If you can clearly show that your product or service will make your customers' lives easier or better, your sales volume should shoot straight up. 3. Use The "4 to 1" Rule. Your sale copy should contain four "you's" to every one "I". Customers want to hear about their number one priority -- themselves. One of the best ways to convey that you understand your customers' needs is to use plenty of "you" language. 4. Share Some "Inside" Information. Direct mail offers a perfect opportunity to appeal to a person's need to feel special. An ideal way to do this is to share some exclusive information. If you have a house mailing list, offer a special price or introductory offer to your regular customers. Make it clear that this offer is being made only to them. Special "insider" treatment is often rewarded with an order. 5. Issue A Personal Letter From The President. People like to deal with the person in charge. Using this type of personal message builds confidence. A message from the President of the company can be used to great effect in either your main letter or as a lift letter. 6. Make A Charter Offer. This approach is ideal for new products, subscriptions, and service agreements. If your product isn't new, consider starting a club and offering charter members special benefits. 7. Use A Negative Fact To Make Your Claims More Believable. Although it's important to demonstrate the key benefits of your product, a negative element can help establish credibility. Here's how this clever technique works. Let's say you're selling quality cashmere sweaters at bargain prices. Many customers might doubt your ability to deliver. But if you emphasize that these sweaters are limited to only three colors -- gray, beige, and white -- neutral colors that have a lot of appeal, you've used a negative fact to give reasonable proof of why you can offer such a fine deal. 8. Offer Multiple Versions Of The Same Product. Deluxe versions, full-featured models, basic features only models, and personalized versions are just four ways of getting extra mileage from the same basic product. 9. Use HOTLINE Lists. If you can get a list of people who have responded to offers in the last 3 to 6 months, it's definitely worth the additional cost. Satisfied recent buyers are strong candidates to buy by mail again. 10. Ask Yourself This CRUCIAL Question. Based only on your direct mail package, would you buy your product or service? Be uncompromisingly honest. If your answer is "no", keep making the necessary changes until you can unequivocally answer "YES".
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