What can Graphic Design do for me?


gET cREATIVE- different is good When national grocer Fred Meyer began revamping their private label Utah’s Harper Design Inc.did what any good marketer would do: go to the customer. In a cross section survey of Fred Meyer customers ages 17-68, when asked how they would buy shampoo based on packaging alone: An overwhelming 61% chose the newly designed packaging. Over twice the number who chose an existing advertised shampoo brand and almost ten times the number who preferred the old packaging. A creative approach is more than just window dressing, proper graphic design can mean real profits. A “Proper” logo is a must - MORNINGSTAR.com Championing design from the start, founder Joe Mansueto believes that "good design leads to increased product demand, which leads to greater profits." His determination began with a telephone call to the legendary designer Paul Rand in 1989. "After the company was five years old and we were on a firmer footing, I thought it was time to improve our design standards," recalls Mansueto. "I looked at our old logo and knew we had to start there. It seemed difficult to institute a high-quality design program without a proper logo." The late, great, Paul Rand was famous for designing such logos as ABC, Cummins, UPS and IBM. With over 60 years of experience Paul Rand was a choice guaranteed to produce a winning investment. Paul spent five months filling notebooks but finally submitted only one design. One winning design, the price tag: $50,000. Was it worth it? According to Joe Mansueto absolutely. TAKE A CHANCE - the rewards are worth it A San Francisco furniture manufacturer needed a poster. What to do? They decided to hire a graphic designer named Michael Vanderbyl. He says, “When they came to me they just wanted a small, single poster for a furniture show in Dallas. I said “Well, I’m going to do just a little more for you than that.”” Vanderbyl proceeded to design a silkscreened, limited edition poster twice the size of the original offer. He followed with an entire brochure system and identity program for them. They even changed their name and redesigned their showroom to better fit their new person! To the average business owner this story would likely seem preposterous. In a world where solid is safe, veering into the deeper waters of informed chance seems like playing with corporate suicide. Tell that to the chair makers in this experience, their sales leapt 300% in little more than a year. Yes while it goes against the grain, rapid and well thought out change is what keeps us at the top of our game. Graphic designers are orchestrators of those changes. They can make the transitions smoother and the profits larger. The problem is that there are literally thousands of graphic designers in the U.S. alone. Sorting through them for the handful of artists who can really help your business is a monumental task at best and a colossal waste of time at worst. The article “Choosing a Design Firm 101" will outline what is really important to have in your designer and how to discern this. Happy Hunting.
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